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      EngLish | ÖÐÎÄ°æ  
      Drilling Mud Purification System
      LW Drilling Mud Decanter Centrifuge
      LW Large Displacement Decanter Centrifuge
      GLW High-Speed Centrifuge
      GLW-BP400 High-Speed Variable Frequency Centrifuge
      Sand Pump
      Vertical Sand Pump
      Shear Pump
      NJ Mud Agitator
      NJC Gear Type Mud Agitator
      Submersible Slurry Pump
      SB100¡Á80 Mud Pump
      Metering Pump
      Vacuum Degasser
      Mud Cleaner
      Mud Gas Sepatator
      Jet mixing device
      Flare Ignition Device
      Mud Gun
      Shale Shaker
      Venturi Hopper
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      ¡¡¡¡¡¡Product description
      Mud Gun is also called Drilling Liquid Gun , it is mainly used to washout and stir the dead angle which the mud mixer is unable to stir in the drilling liquid circulation.Full stir mixing of drilling liquid circulation tank can make the solid phase uniform suspend, so that can be convenient for all levels of drilling liquid purification system to fractionate separate .
      Mud Gun is usually connected to the top of drilling liquid circulation tank , it is distributed into high-pressure and low-presssure two types. High-pressure mud gun features large capacity and high pressure, usually has drilling pump to supply liquid. Low-pressure mud gun features large capacity and low pressure , is usually has sand pump supplied .

      Technique parameters:




      2" (¦Õ50)

      Gate valve


      Interface diameter


      Working pressure

      ¡Ü1.6MPa or higher pressure


      3 or 1



      Swivel degree


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